Statewide Texas Study Links Physical Fitness To Academic Achievement

“This data confirms what we have always thought to be true — that there is a strong correlation between a student’s fitness and their scholastic success. These results provide yet another incentive to reverse the health trends we are seeing among our youth. We need to move forward on this issue as if lives depend on it — because they do!” said Sen. Jane Nelson, R-Flower Mound, chairman of the Senate Health & Human Services Committee and author of the law establishing the assessments.

The details of this Cooper Institute report should be of great interest to all physical educators. As school budgets tighten, those with an interest in making sure that the “healthy body” part of “a healthy mind in a healthy body” doesn’t get lost the crunch, owe it to themselves to familiarize themselves with the Texas study.

EVERY CHILD STRONGER, EVERY LIFE LONGER intends to do our part by building a resource area this website that will help advocates stay abreast of past and future research. If you know of research/ links that belong that collection, please send us your suggestions here.

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