The NJDOE 2008 Physical & Health Education Survey is New Jersey’s first-ever comprehensive statewide survey of its kind.

Since data influences much executive level decision making in our state’s educational system, the intent of the survey was to provide accurate information directly from the schools to assist the NJDOE, NJAHPERD’s member educators, our partners and other stakeholders to develop strategies to improve the quality of health and physical education programs. It is also intended that such data collection is regularly conducted.

The survey results were reviewed by NJAHPERD Advocacy Committee and an advocacy campaign called “Every Child Stronger, Every Life Longer” was launched at the 2009 Annual Convention. This title represents the mission of NJAHPERD as a professional organization dedicated to quality professional development and advocacy for the disciplines it represents. Fitness Education was determined to be the area in greatest need for improvement, so the NJAHPERD Executive Board endorsed Fitnessgram/ Physical Beat, committed to providing training to members and begun plans for the implementation of statewide fitness data collection. Other initiatives include the Health Education Resource for Classroom Teachers Initiative and the Administrators’ Support Initiative.

With the assistance of Vertices, Inc., the Advocacy Committee further analyzed the data and as a result, the “Top Ten” issues were identified. A comprehensive state wide plan to address each issue through a “Call to Action” was developed by NJAHPERD and is a work in progress. Our “Call to Action” for each of the issues is the direct result of NJAHPERD’s commitment to healthy active lifestyles for all of New Jersey’s students. Our goal is to ensure that all school health and physical education programs provide opportunities for students to learn skills, improve fitness levels, participate in lifetime activities, and gain knowledge about healthy lifestyles and be assessed and informed about their progress.


  • The Top 10 Key Findings are survey results that called loudest for review and action. At the bottom of each itemized finding, there is a “Call to Action”, intended as a first step toward addressing the problem.
  • We intend to offer the results in their entirety to all interested stakeholders in an online query database. This will require more funding, which we are in the process of pursuing.
  • A .pdf of the original questionnaire that was sent out to schools is available for download here.

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