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A FEW SUGGESTIONS FOR PERSUADING ADMINISTRATORS TO ATTEND TO HEALTH AND PHYSICAL EDUCATION PRIORITIES IN THE CURRENT EDUCATIONAL CLIMATEA concise (one page!) must-read for all Health and PE advocates. With kind permission of Jacquelyn G. Sowers, of Sowers Associates.1adobe-pdf-icon
12 THINGS SCHOOL BOARDS AND ADMINISTRATORS HOPE YOU’LL KEEP IN MIND WHEN ADVOCATING FOR HEALTH PROGRAMS Provides useful insight into the concerns of those you may seek to influence. Also with kind permission of Jacquelyn G. Sowers, of Sowers Associates.2adobe-pdf-icon
PHYSICAL EDUCATION, PHYSICAL ACTIVITY AND ACADEMIC PERFORMANCEFrom Active Living Research this brief gathers together some of the most persuasive studies, from national and international sources, demonstrating the positive correlation between physical activity and a student's academic performance. The report focuses on childhood obesity as the foremost problem, but any advocate making the case for the role of quality physical education is our schools can make use of these studies. 8adobe-pdf-icon
F AS IN FAT: HOW OBESITY POLICIES ARE FAILING IN AMERICAA thorough, well organized, easy-to-understand report issued by the Trust For America’s Health. Busy educators who don't have time to read the entire document should still take a few minutes to familiarize themselves with the salient points made on pages 37-40. 106adobe-pdf-icon
THE ROLE OF SCHOOLS IN PREVENTING CHILDHOOD OBESITYThe CDC's basic guide for educators about the scope of the childhood obesity problem and how schools can help combat the epidemic. 12adobe-pdf-icon

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